ANSWERS Question #1: Both hold the same skull implying they are working towards the same goals under the skull are African Americans implying that's they're main target

Question #2: Tennessee or any other rebel state had to, "by a large popular vote, adopt and ratify a constitution of government whereby slavery was abolished, and all ordinances and laws of secession and debts contracted under the same were declared void;"

Question #3: The Freedmen's Bureau had to, "direct such issues of provisions, clothing, and fuel, as he may deem needful for the immediate and temporary shelter and supply of destitute and suffering refugees and freedmen and their wives and children" from that its safe to say its goals are humanitarian in nature

Question #4: This could be a success based on the extra rights given and how a major goal of the Reconstruction is racial equality.\

Question #5: South separated into districts and voting requires oath

Question #6a General Sheridan

6b Texas and Lousisiana