Boil is a common protagonist of the GEO Adventures and a close friend of GEO and Deadfish. Boil is a master of the arts of heat. Boil is in charge of a special building that he must protect from the twisted and determined Queen of cold Dr Nora who wants to turn the place into a medical school. Boil is especially prominent in Deadfishes earlier adventures where they clashed frequently but soon learned to be friends.

Boiling powers Edit

Boil is said to be a descendant of a scientist who had Major Fala Holy Blood giving said scientist the expertise in heat to make his own scientific law. Boil being a descendant of this guy is blessed with Major Fala Holy Blood giving him some expertise with heat based magic (weaponry.) Boil makes great use of this in the fight against Dr Nora who is said to be blessed with some level of Holsety blood giving her her own affinity to ice and wing magic (weaponry.) Boils signature attack is the Valflame(called in more casual circumstances the 4th degree Boil(Much like GEOs situation with Mjolnir being called in more casual circumstances the GEO Meteor))

General Role in the GEO Adventures Edit

Boils role in the Geoadventures more ften then not is him protecting his place from Deadfish and friends antics. Boil and Deadfish more often then not do not mind a good fight and as a result Boil can be seen as a common obstacle in Deadfishes adventures. As for GEO, Boil proves to be a reliable ally to GEO whenever he needs it.


If theres one thing Boil is known for its his fiery "Boil" puns. Boil makes these in every fight he has usually. A common "Boil" pun he makes is, "This lateness has got to be BOILED over!!!!" These puns especially flourish in his fights against Dr Nora who has her own cold puns to combat it.

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