My son

The loyal Brady

Brady is the son of GEO/Dr Eggman. He frequently aids Dr Eggman(GEO) in his miiverse adventures bringing along his own scientific tastes. He is skilled in the art of Robotization and brings his own flavor in the adventures. Bradys most impressive trait is his loyalty, second to none and loved by all.

Episode 1: Spikezilla-Godzilla Edit

Dr Eggman(GEO) is in the middle of his next plan to defeat THAT HEDGEHOG. His loyal Eggson Brady is in the middle awaiting the experiment. "Alright Eggson thisll hurt a little bit Dr Eggman replied." Within moments a blast of Electrity blasts Brady. Instead of giving him Sonics Speed he turns into Spikezilla-Godzilla for Dr Eggman this is all but a pleasent suprise as he just realized how hes going to attract Sonic now. Moments later Brady(Spikezilla-Godzilla) is ravaging Mobius everyones scared and helpless as the citys destroyed. Things only felt better for the poor Mobians when Sonic came but what was once cheers for Sonic turned into terrified gasps as Brady made quick work of Sonic with his tail. Dr Eggman swooped in to capture Sonic. Later, Dr Eggman awards his Eggson with one of his more recent inventions- Food chemically made to taste great. Brady had the food but the chemicals in the food turned him back into a regular person. Dr Eggman took the time to research the chemicals in the food while Brady celebrated his victory against Sonic and Mobius. Sonic in his cage replys to Brady that Brady may have won the battle but not the war and says Tails will come to help him......