Byzantine street is the place were Deadfish holds all his parties after he was defeated out of the adventures. There are many special events to Byzantine Street like Fappy Fridays and the REALLLLLLLL Smash tournament.


Byzantine Street started after Deadfish lost out of GEO war with Wolf Pond from there he realized he needs to enjoy his life so every day with the help of his friend Jefferey he hosts a party in a apartment he rented in a very tall building nicknamed the Monotoli Building by many who don't want people to know the real name. These parties consisted of he many friends Deadfish and to a lesser extent GEO made in there adventures.

Convenience nights

This Byzantine street practice works like this: at a rather late 9:00 to 12:00PM usually is when this starts, you get out of your house and you all meet at a convenience store and stay there for the whole night. Usually some of the things you do include read Hentai or anything of that sort, print multiple papers, annoy the employees there if you see fit and maybe crowd by the door.

Realllll smash tournament

Basically this was a tournament set up by Deadfish with 4 Billion dollars set up as the prize. Its was a scam that GEO won for Deadfish so Deadfish can get the crowd and GEO can reject the 4 billion dollars meaning Deadfish wont have to pay a cent.

Cheat street

Byzantine Street is also notorious for its yugioh section, known for its diverse level of cheaters. money matches are the norm so the stakes are higher and the best cheaters win. Decks are stylized with little emphasis on a archetype more often then not.

Other hangouts

After spending some time in Byzantine Street the Byzantine Streeters may opt to hangout in a different area. Common hangouts are Burger king, Pasquales Spaghetti Palace, Bloomingdale park and Reuben's Mansion. The Byzantine Streeters may even take a carpool to some other areas like, Rustys Corral, Castle Climax