Rumored to be a police sketch of Charlie Vincent.

Charlie Vincent is a hunter of the supernatural who frequently crosses paths with Deadfish. His supplies are bought from his lifelong friend Renon. He has much knowledge on the supernatural but he lacks the skill to use said knowledge. Charlie Vincent is known for carrying gallons of holy water and at least 20 crosses on him.


When Charlie Vincent was a kid he always wanted to be a Ghostbuster buying all the merchandise and doing Ghostbuster things until one day he realized there was more to the supernatural then ghosts. From there he realized there was vampires and goblins that needed slaying too from there he made, Charlie Vincent's supernatural fighting squad business despite it only being him for the time he does meet other people with similar causes on his side though.

Stupid Mistakes

On every Halloween Charlie Vincent goes crazy as he doesn't realize that on Halloween you're supposed to look like Ghosts and vampires so on every Halloween he goes crazy and fights everyone..........It usually doesn't go well and he ends up in the hospital every year with a least 5 lawsuits to deal with. Charlie Vincent does make hoards of money usually working with Psychics.
Spooky Scary Skeletons--AMV-0

Spooky Scary Skeletons--AMV-0

Charlie Vincent would go crazy if he heard this.

Steps in the right direction?

Charlie Vincent was able to correctly guess the Lopto Sects intentions and at one point fought it. From then on Archbishop Manfroy of the Lopto Sect pays protection money to Charlie from time to time. Charlie Vincent is also able to memorize books from stories like Dracula something Deadfish would be baffled to even say a word from. In addition there are some rumors that he even 1v1ed Dracula..........It didn't end well for Charlie Vincent though being that this is DRACULA and he had to run.

Renon and Charlie BFFs

Aiding and supplying Charlie's business is his lifelong friend Renon. Renon and Charlie Vincent's lucrative friendship started in Kindergarten when they always sat next to each other. Renon aspired to be a successful merchant just as Charlie wanted to be a supernatural hunter. From there Renon vowed to be Charlie Vincent's supplier giving him roast beefs, crosses, holy water, daggers an many other things. Even now there best friends always coming to each others aid