DarkOwen is a character in the Miiverse GEOAdventures and the leader of the FFC

Adventures Edit

DarkOwen debuted in the Madeira arc of the Miiverse GEOAdventures along with his Star Wolf squad. After his victory against Aaron he left the now peaceful POR Madeira to its own devices. Afterwards DarkOwen spent some time on various forums having varying adventures of his own. Owen would later be one of the founding members of the TFAO Alliance where he would defeat many enemys and become one of the most powerful users of Miiverse

Traits Edit

DarkOwen has amazing stamina and his highly knowledgeable in the arts of chess. Owen is well known for his deep voice and has fostered an aesthetic of being a all powerful tyrant from his enemies; Something desired by other leaders on Miiverse. When played in Super Smash Bros Owen primarily uses heavyweight characters like Bowser. Bowser is often a character Owen identifies with and it has been known that Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story is one of Owens favorite video games.

Rivalry with Aaron Edit

A common age old rivalry comparable to the TFAO Era rivalry of GEO Vs HH is Owen Vs Aaron. This started in Madeira extending in the forums and LMR. The acquisition of Aarons selfies deeply resolved Aaron against Owen and his trolls. Aaron has always seen Owen as his traditional enemy and a dangerous troll. This rivalry especially extended in the TFAO era where Owen successfully convinced Aaron he is a Russian spy. Aaron was terrified and deleted all of the TFAO members accounts. Aaron later recruited the leader of AMRA. Jordan, who intitially thought about aligning himself with the TFAO. After discovery of Owens actions Jordan resolved to defeat Owen but Owen found out about this when Aaron gave Owen access to his account to make up for some of his actions in Madeira and to prove to Owen he was not plotting against him.