Deadfish personally chose this picture to represent him

Deadfish is a veteran condottiero who proves to be a powerful and valued companion in GEOs adventure. He leads the Deadfish condottieri soon known as the Bloomindale brigade finally known as the barbarian tribe. He's a living party to be around.

Deadfish adventure 1

Deadfish originally was a meek young kid bullied for his obesity. One day after narrowly avoiding he finds himself in a restaurant were he attracts the jealousy of Jeffery a common customer of the restaurant. Jeffery challenges Deadfish to an eating contest but loses. Even then Jeffery takes Deadfish under his wing and tells him that he shouldn't be so meek and fight back instead so 2 days later on the last day of school Deadfish sees his weakest bully Louis and just as the last bell rang smacked him right in the face. Seeing this is Principle Boil well known as the BOILER Deadfish runs and is chased by Boil and as Deadfish run he sees Jeffery in his car and jumps in with him. seeing Boil they drive away for there lives not without boil punching a hole through one of the windows. They narrowly escape to a roaring Boil. Deadfish and Jeffery laugh for 5 minutes but then Jeffery asks, "I know I told you to be very violent but I didn't mean kill him." Deadfish faintly replies back, "Thanks for helping me Mr. Jeffery I would have been killed myself if you weren't there" Jeffery laughs back "From now on call me King since im your mentor." they drive to Deadfishes house loaded with bullies Chris they're leader starts with, "hey there slime ball give me all your money" Deadfish angry sudden spews back, "Are you even tall enough to reach my pocket?" Chris then orders his goons to attack but Deadfish wrecks each with the help of his fat causing Chris to run to his chauffeur small Steve who takes note of the duos broken window. To celebrate there victory Deadfish and King(Jeffery) go over to mama Luigis pizza after eating they nearly get run over by small Steve who realized there car they dodge but Steve try's again but this time he's led to a wall and crash's into a place called kiddie palooza the 2 laugh even harder and leave as Small Steve is swarmed by Police. They then realize by word of mouth he's a wanted man by Boil who's offering an automatic pass for summer school if they catch him and bring him to Boil Deadfish realizes this an goes to totton34 the codenamed base of Boil there Deadfish is armed with a chain whip and a dagger-ruler sub weapon. He uses this to make Boils frail staff fall. As for the dunces in summer school Deadfishes superior bulk brought them down with his giant punches. He makes it to Boil who's been waiting for him Boil using his boiling attacks nearly scalds Deadfish but Deadfish takes one and burns Boil himself. Soon Deadfish hides and trips Boil and Body slams him causing immense pain to Boil and Boil in a last resort charge misses and falls down 8 flights of stairs Boil waved a white flag that day.

Deadfish adventure 2 THE REALM OF DEATH

Deadfish one day is lured into the mansion of an incredibly wealthy man named Gerod Verich. Deadfish lured into the mansion with promises of a feast is stuck in his mansion of tricks. Upon going up the 2nd floor Deadfish sees Boil and an Unknown Lady face off in what appears to be a battle of fire and ice. They end it prematurely as this lady suggests she already found her way out and in a flash of light she disappears. Deadfish comes to Boils aid, Boil seeing as his last confrontation with Deadfish was a malevolent one asks why is he helping him. Deadfish replies, "Im sure you want to get out here as much as I." Boil as though he regained all his strength got up and said, "Well met." They then get up to the next room a maze of sorts, mirrors all about the 2 get separated once again. Deadfish meets a strange man with the physique of a gorilla who calls himself Barbie. A scuffle ensures when Deadfish laughs hard enough to offend the gorilla-man. Deadfish is in a power struggle with the gorilla-man and suddenly the Gorilla-man (Barbie) gets the best of him and punches Deadfish in the face. Sensing his lost Deadfish only closes his eyes in preparation of the pain. But suddenly Boil used his signature Boiling water attack not once, not twice but THREE times. Barbie is agitated but fighting the Gorilla-Man named Barbie with Boil and Deadfish was Deadfishes old bully Chris who only remarks, "Pay me back later chump." Deadfish was furious but he used that fury on the enemy at hand instead of Chris. With winning the room is gradually darker in this darkness Deadfish hears his friend Jeffery King screaming for help Deadfish runs into the darkness and leaves his 2 allies behind he eventually is stopped by ninja and samurai, Silver Verich and Gold Verich the duo was Verichs children and learned they're skills through Gerods MONEY$$$$$. Deadfish tries his hand in the first blow with a rudimentary punch easily countered by Gold Verich and soon silver from the darkness struck Deadfish too. By then Deadfish was faltering once more until he learned that he needs friends in the end to be people to fall back on in the end. And just as he realized it Boil through multiple Boiling waters brutally damaging Gold and as Silver sneaks behind Boil Chris beats down Silver and Deadfish returns the favor by body slamming Gold to a pulp. With those 2 down a mysterious voice says, "So, you beat my 2 sons but can you beat me?" Soon some metallic smashing sounds get closer and they meet they're final enemy of the mansion: Gerod Verich in his MEGA MULTI MILLION MACHINE Intimidating as it is the group step up to the challenge starting with Boils patented Boiling water attack. It slightly burned Gerod by slipping through the cracks and Deadfish tackled the machine down Deadfish feeling the wrong in his earlier ways punchs a hole in the cockpit forcing Gerod out. Even then its not OGRE yet and Deadfish and Gerod go into a test of strength Deadfish feeling his wish to return the favors gradually overpowers Gerod finally defeating him. With Gerod down they ask his motives Gerod as if not even realizing he lost says, "The same thing every millionaire strives for.......ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!" Deadfish grabs and says, "ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! IM GONNA WRECK YOU LIKE A PUNCHING BAG!!!!!!!!!!" Gerod only responds by laughing Boil then calls Deadfish to get out with the exit in sight they leave Deadfish even with fury in his mind realizes Boil may be right. The group leaves with Gerod screaming for there names in hopes for entertainment.

Deadfish Adventure 3 The Rise of Gannon

Deadfish is lying down in Burger King as usual until hes greeted by some shady characters and in a few seconds later his friend Jeffery topples the thugs. From there he explains to Deadfish a gang is targeting all there friends and intends to take all of what they have, they're leader being a old colleague and rival of Jeffery-Brian Gannon. From there they look to see if some of they're friends avoided this fate yet. They are than chased by Militron (robot or human?) We will never know. They run in a restaurant and a waitress offers the places special French dies with a slamburger then revealing herself as Lupay one of Gannons trusted henchmen Deadfish easily beats her by directing his weight towards her. In that time they hear muffling behind the counter they discover Jefferys friend Ignatius tied up after removing everything holding him down he screams, "Wretched Child!!!!" Ignatius then tells him Gannon's trusted henchmen Militron has 1 weakness the back of him and that one well timed punch at his back may be the end of him. In that time Militron smashes the door open and attacks. Deadfish distracted Militron well enough for Jeffery to make the blow that wrecked Militron. From there Deadfish gets a text from his right hand man Bonehead saying to come to little Bloomindale quick they drive the unsuspecting van there to find a battleground. In the few moments Deadfish had to grasp the situation he heard laughing. Laughing from the evil Gannon. "Its been a long time Jeffery." uttered Gannon as his henchmen poured in. Jeffery used his food blaster to devastate the Gannon mobile and Gannon had to use the captured Bonehead as bait to help him escape it worked and they get there con artist friend back. They go to Jeffery's house to assess the damage. Going there they find in the mailbox a note that says: meet me at the station of fun for a FUNdamental surprise. Deadfish and Jeffery knowing its a trap just stay in there house until Gannon offers them 200$ via text when they come. With that they dash to Fun Station. They then break down the door there. Gannon watching at a safe distance starts laughing but then comes to the realization that the door was the trap and that Deadfish broke it down. Gannon then flies to his hideout of Koridai. The Iron knuckle- One of Gannon's strongest henchmen comes in to beat Deadfish and Jeffery down but his armor backfires since Deadfish pushed him down and his armor ment that Iron Knuckle couldn't get back up tilted by his cumbersome armor. They didn't get there 200$ though at least Deadfish and Jeffery gained 10 boxes of pizza there in the ordeal. The duo find out of Gannon's whereabouts and follow him to Koridai.

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