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The man in purple is Doug.

Doug Savage is a generous and kind albeit misguided lawyer for Deadfish and his friends.

His JobEdit

He is Deadfish and his friends lawyer he's real cool and really cheap for a lawyer he takes any case no matter how stupid. He is rather different from your typical lawyer being neither sneaky nor smart. Really he has a good heart for his friends and hes a welcome member of Deadfishes group.

Cases he participated inEdit

Reuben vs. Deadfish. Not guilty State of New York vs. Mcguirk. Not guilty Alison vs. Jeffery. Not guilty Alison vs. Deadfish. Not guilty Reuben vs. Deadfish. (Again) Not guilty As you can see Doug Savage truly is a lawyer some would say he is STRAIGHT SAVAGE in the court room.

Spare time Edit

Doug Savage frequently joins Deadfish in his parties and as a result much of his hobbies reflect Deadfishes like Yugioh and Pokémon he also likes looking for sophisticated words like, "egregious" and "draconian" to baffle people with. Secretly Doug is looking for ways to be smart so he can be a better help to Deadfish and crew. Despite this he has been a great help to them especially since its mostly Doug who helps Deadfish and his friends escape out of legal trouble. Doug savage also likes good jokes too.