Eoin( his last name called McGuirk as a pseudonym) was Deadfishs old wrestling coach. Mcguirk is also somewhat overweight and has a natural resemblance to Deadfish to boot. This all comes to play in a later adventure with the duo.

Stuff about him

Coach Mcguirk likes acting very tough but hides a degree of cowardice in some of his claims. He is bald, with a stocky build and is generally seen wearing a tank top. He occasionally has a auburn beard he may or may not grow out. McGuirk occasionally makes flattering comments about the Irish Republican Army and occasionally shows Irish Nationalism. In addition to this McGuirk is a passionate Confederate sympathizer considering the Confederates as, "The finest American Soldiers that ever fought." McGuirk is not afraid of getting lost in long speeches and has a history of acting out(Much like most of the adult figures in Deadfishes life.) McGuirk also has a personal habit of engaging in very heavy drinking on the weekends. Coach McGuirks alcohol of choice is beer and is frequently shows a lack of tact in his apathetic willingness to share his alcohol with minors as young as 10 years old. McGuirk also has a hidden passion for cosplaying and usually takes cosplaying requests on weekdays(for a moderate fee of course.) McGuirk is also a reckless driver notorious for his speeding habits. Most people who drive with him simply consider this a free rollar coaster and as a result he is not implored to be a more careful driver. Coach McGuirks most notorious traits are accentuated on the Internet and his internet rants have been the subject of many laughs for the GEOAdventurers.


McGuirk one day to help Deadfish in a dilemma cosplayed as Deadfishes dad for parent teacher conference in totten34. Mcguirks confrontation with the BOILER ended badly as Mcguirk came drunk and didn't take Boils scathing comments towards Deadfish well so Mcguirk beat up Boil when he least expected it and as a result Boil banned Deadfishes real parents from ever coming to parent teacher conference ever again. McGuirk at one point began another campaign within Deadfishes school against a teacher that Deadfish said directly attacked the honor of the Confederates.