Protesters these days

Protesters these days.

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GEO and the NEO GEO Crew are chewing the fat as usual in Ms. Reynolds: Political Science Paramounts class. Mattie Boi then makes clear his intentions to protest by jumping off a building. GEO barks back at Mattie Boi that this is a waste of time. Especially given all the Wind and Solar energy he could be harvesting to save the environment from fossil fuels. Mattie Boi replies that if Captain America can jump off buildings he can. Before GEO can point out to Mattie Boi that Captain America cant fly, Mattie Boi gets into another long and drawn out speech about his quest to preserve the ideals of liberalism causing GEO to fall asleep. After sleeping through the school day GEO then realizes that Mattie Boi is going to jump off a building. GEO however effectively lures Mattie Boi away from the tall and dangerous building by starting rumors there's going to be a protest at a concert hes going to. GEO and friends end the day in BK as they are watching Mattie Boi protest at the concert on TV.

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