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Davy the Duke of Kashuan stands tall with an optimism best described as misguided by GEO and his crew. Davy proclaims today will be the day he finally defeats Destiny. GEO and his boy Matt (G) watch as Davy marches into video game club with his head held up high only to see it fall back down within a minute. GEO develops a plan for Davy to finally defeat the dastardly Destiny. GEO using his wealth of money bribes Matt (G) to help GEO and Davy (who is bribed as the captain of this group) beat Destiny. As GEO walks to the disgruntled basement dweller, GEO already feels the hiss that Destiny has to offer GEO. The irony in it all is that it only encourages GEO to annoy Destiny. "Why if it isn't Patrick, the Viceroy of Woodhull?" GEO says with the force of a grenade to the ear. Destiny dealing with GEO with as little tact as he could said, "In here im Destiny!!!!" GEO then gave Destiny his derpiest smile and said, "Bet you cant beat me and my boys in smash." Destiny narrowly accepts the match to GEOs utter delight and Davys mild surprise. In the game of smash the 3 hound on Destiny to the point of a total victory in Smash. Destiny has had enough he could take with GEO foiling his victories and Davy annoying him; as Davy and GEO get out of video game club to the triumphant music of band class, Destiny and his guards get out of the bushes to block the exit. GEO, loving a good chase and without his " Holy Weapon" makes a run for it. Destiny and all of his determination chased GEO around the school until GEO came into a lucky break: As GEO parkoured up the rock Destiny tripped into the snow. At that time GEOs trusted friend MO took a video of that part of the chase. As GEO made it out of the school he met MO and Davy and the 3 had a hearty laugh in Burger King about their ordeal against the Viceroy of Woodhull(Destiny) and to make things funnier for the 3 MOs video of the chase went viral. Matt (G) comes in and sits with the victorious trio. At that moment GEO, MO, Matt G and Davy are content to know that today they defeated the Viceroy of Woodhull together.

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