in the night of mobius tails and sonic was looking a radar to find me ( spikezilla godzilla oc ) in the dark night. then i come out of the water and sees them. they ran for their lives then tails drives his plane sonic hops on and fly away. i was going to the land and roars . makes it to heard at from the freedom fighters then they wake up trying to find out what was roaring sound. i roared again i go on the land then look at the mountains trees and houses. then i growl. freedom fighters saw tails's plane then saw me coming. they ran for their lives. i roared at them then going and going. it was daytime and there was destruction then something comes out of the ocean. eggdad was at his lair seeing the destruction i made he was happy til he saw something worse. a thing that come out of the ocean. he's trying to the think what was it but. he thinks a monster or a spaceship. mobian army came to guard it. the thing was near the beach. the scientists like tails was investigating it of what it is. then queen alessa trying to find out what it is she orders the troops to stop me to destroy it. more to continue

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