Dai Mahou Touge OP-0

Dai Mahou Touge OP-0

GEO and Deadfish dared Reuben to dance like the girl in this opening

This is the 12th Episode of the GEO Adventures.


The always so rekt Davy walks to the lair of the Wolf Pond Emperor, asking only for a respite from the harsh treatment he has gained from his peers. The Emperor gave Davy "The Royal Blessings of Wolf Pond" giving Davy extreme power, the Emperor then warned that it was only temporary to what was now an empty crowd, a result of Davys eagerness................................................................................................... In Byzantine Street GEO and his bois Deadfish and Reuben are paling around with their usual trademark intensity as GEO dares Reuben to do the same dance as the girl in the anime they're watching(Opening on page). Before Reuben can even come close to saying no, the wall behind Reuben collapses. GEO and Deadfish semi impressed with the sight give what Reuben thinks is a round of applause for him. Before Reuben's spark of self confidence bears fruit Reuben is brutally reminded of reality when DAVY!!!! of all the people grabs Reuben's lower face and throws Reuben in what should've been an explosion! GEO and Deadfish are not only afraid but surprised that the butt of all they're jokes had grown so strong. Before any more damage is done the triple trouble trio trick Davy by saying, "look its all the Girlfriends you'll never have!" Davy looks behind him and the moment Davy gets a better idea of what they said the room is deserted. The boys are running for they're lives to a safe place as Davy rampages about. Eventually because of this the GEOAdventurers camp out in Bloomindale Park for nearly a day until GEOs gotten really tired of that dang Davys shenanigans. GEO persuades Deadfish and Reuben to march to Davys house for a final fight. With them comes an angry mob of people Davy wronged over the time of "SUPER Davy." As GEO makes it to Davys house, he sees there is a big party. GEO walks through a joke of a party filled with people that either used to scare Davy or bully Davy or something else of that nature. GEO makes it out to Davys backyard were he sees Davy talking to 2 particularly good looking girls that were obviously in this for the money. As Davy is boring the 2 girls by talking about his sports record, GEO gives some really corny phrase; something like, "The jig is up Davy!" Davy not so worried says the even cornier, "You and what army!" An angry mob appears. Davy squeaks like a mouse and takes Deadfish as a body shield and proceeds to attack GEO. GEO takes Davy head on until eventually GEO gets the upper hand and beats out Davy who realizes moments after that he lost "The Royal Blessing of Wolf Pond" Davy then woke up the same way he usually wakes up: upside-down being bullied for lunch money. Davy, convinced this was a dream this whole time is genuinely relieved until Davy realizes that the angry mob GEO rallied is still there. After GEO, Deadfish and Reuben beat Davy, GEO left Davy to the angry mob. GEO and his friends then walk to BK with the sweet satisfaction of victory well in their minds.

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