The epic duel between GEO and I)4(\)

This is the 13th episode of the GEO Adventures.


GEOs running to Deadfishes house again after Door bell ditching Charlie Vincent. Deadfish and Reuben are fapping to the Russian girl from Captain Planet. GEO then comes in with a buffet of BK which the group then proceeds to rip through like a pack of wolves. Deadfish laughs, "This will last us weeks" reminding GEO that they have a weeks break now. They spend half the week watching B movies, eating MOAR BK, cheating in Yugioh more often, laughing at the blurbs of corny romance novels and singing crazy karaoke rap songs to top it all off. Its been half a week later and GEO is sleeping on a bunch of hentai videos he bought from Deadfish. That is, until he is rudely awakened by his portly informant Brian who tells him that the legendary Emperor of Wolf Pond is ready to attack Byzantine Street. GEO springs up into action only hampered by the general vices of laziness. In the time GEO is training Deadfish and Reuben wake up even worse off and follow GEO thinking he is taking another trip to BK. GEOs trials were only made worse by the absence of BK and fapping. 2 things that are a necessity to any of the main GEO Adventure characters. GEO makes it back to Byzantine Street only to hear the sound of Davy saying "Nyehehehe Party's over Georgie boy" GEO sees The Emperor |)4(\) the man, his lieutenant Conan and his sergeant the dastardly DAVY!!!! Eventually |)4(\) the man himself offers a "Duel" with GEO, GEO accepts and the fight starts. Things are going well for GEO until DAVY tries using his "Bow" GEO dodges Davys shot but not without |)4(\) getting the upper hand though. GEO takes out his mirror and glares it in |)4(\)5 eyes getting GEO the upper hand once again. |)4(\) is about to pull out what looks like is his trump card out of nowhere until a unknown shot knocks it out of his hand. |)4(\) tired of the duel leaves GEO to his men. Just as things looked bad for GEO, Deadfish and Reuben plus the other GEO Adventurers fight off ])4vi$ men and with that the GEO Adventurers have defended Byzantine Street once again. GEO, as he's fighting alongside Deadfish and Reuben realizes from the shine of Reuben's "Bow" that Reuben fired the shot that protected him from I)4(\)5 trump card. The group instead of ending the day in BK join GEO in doorbell ditching Charlie Vincent who replies, "ILL GET YOU, YOU CRAZY KIDS!!!!!"