This is the 14th episode of the GEO Adventures.


GEO and his friends are up to their usual haunts when they meet some stupid swagfags again. GEO beats them up because thats what he does. Beating them up, GEO realizes they were mercenaries hired by DAVY!!!! GEO and friends have a board meeting at Pasquales Spaghetti Palace. Pasquale suggests they need a answer to swag so they make up a new theme: Flair. The next day GEO and friends raid Davys house with Flair signs. Deadfish records Davys reaction while the others are laughing. Davy gets into a huge speech about Democracy and freedom but any emotion or point to the speech is shot down by what little respect GEO and company have for Davy. Davy then proceeds to Summon his swagfag mercenaries this backfires however as they see Davy's flair infested house. Seeing Davy as a poseur they then gave him a swirlie and wedgied Davy to a tree. Geo and friends then end off the day laughing as Davy screams "I'll get you, you crazy Fascists" Geo and friends then start laughing as they spend the rest of their day in BK.

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