This is the 21st episode of the GEO Adventures

Plot Edit

GEO, now president of the Video Game Club is as gleeful as can be. With that GEO offers his UGGGLY Archnemesis DAVY a spot on his cabinet. The generous offer was treated more like a insult in the eyes of DAVY eager to one-up his worst enemy GEO. Davy in a state of unrivaled anger declares he is going to be captain of the Swim Team. GEO hearing such blasphemous words blows up laughing egging on Davy to make good on that even further. Later that day GEO and his loyal GEO Crew are laughing with the same tenacity as GEO earlier when they heard of Davys bid to be captain of the swim team. Despite all this GEOs portly informant Brian breaks the laughter by revealing that Davy actually is in line to being captain of the Swim Team. Realizing the grave danger the Swim Team is in GEO strives to beat Davy in a swimming race. GEO realizing in the strangest twist yet that Davy is a better swimmer then him whips out his secret weapon: His old Aqua GEO equipment.

Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman Soundtrack - Mermaid Man

Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman Soundtrack - Mermaid Man

Aqua GEOs theme Song

GEO makes it to the swim teams meet to find a horrified coach almost forced to sigh Davy as Captain of the Swim Team. GEO calls Davy out before anymore horrifying developments can occur and dares Davy into a swimming race. Davys eyes glowed at the very thought of beating the very bane of his existence in a swimming race so Davy accepted with little hesitation. If GEO wins Davy has to give up being captain. However if Davy wins GEO would be forced to submit to Davys leadership. The race starts: At first its pretty even but with GEOs Aqua GEO gear GEO tore Davy apart like shredder in the race. With GEOs victory the coach gave GEO a medal and presented him to a grateful swim team relieved to have avoided the apocalyptic leadership of Davy. They ended the day in BK with the Swim Team having the time of they're lives once again.