This is the 22nd episode of the GEO Adventures

Plot Edit

GEO thoroughly worn down by the antics of his adventure decides he needs a vacation. GEO and all his Byzantine Street friends some of which include: Deadfish, Reuben, MO, Charlie Vincent Renon and Oro all pool there money for a vacation and leave. Davy, in the Davy-Mobile(A refashioned Bar Mitzvah bus with a huge antenna on top) Hears all of this and laughs his usual cocky laughter like the ogre he is. The next day Davy contacts the vilest group on the planet: The Left. Asking for reinforcements in his next attempt to destroy The GEO Crew. Within moments Davy hears his doorbell ringing in the Davy-Mobile. Its one of the Lefts most dedicated members: Mattie G. Davy expecting a brutal monster sees a semi nerdy kid with a mild personality. Davy unabashed by this prepares his plan. On the next day Loyal GEO Crew Members: Adrian and Nickie Boi come to Bossman A+s class to find the new carnival of cretins: The unattractive "4 eyes" Mattie Boi, Mattie G the second half of the Mattie Pair and last but certainly least DAVY!!!! Nickie Boi subdues the Mattie Pair by smashing their heads together. Adrian disposes of Davy with one of his mamy weaknesses: Bug Spray. Before Davy seemingly disintegrates from the Bug Spray, Davy replies,"Its not OGRE yet!!!!" Adrian and Nickie boi give each a high five as Davy reawakens as SUPER DAVY. Adrian and Nickie Boi figureing it is physically impossible for Davy to ever win a fight take him on. There, The Dynamic Duo realize they got the blessings of Tordo and Neir from the noble houses of Freege and Dozel respectively and use their respective minor holy bloods to overpower SUPER DAVY. After that they somehow flushed Davy down the toilet into the Eagleland Waterworks. Later as GEO got back from his intense vacation he sees his Loyal GEO Crew members Adrian and Nickie Boi with Davy in the hospital again. GEO sings out, "My Loyal GEO Crew♪♪♪♪" Afterwards they watch Tentacolino Terror of the Sea♪♪♪♪ to troll Davy. Meanwhile throughout the events of this episode Bove is spreading various BS theories about GEOs love life on his blog.