This is the 23rd episode in the GEOadventures

Plot Edit

GEO and his loyal GEO Crew are doing one of their favorite hobbys of all: Stuffing their guts out in BK. Davy of all the people comes in and says they're eating high cholesterol waste and then proclaims that even he can make a better restaurant then BK. The sheer preposterousness of that statement was enough to break down GEO and his crew into laughter. Davy, however is not amused by this show of disbelief and is only encouraged to make this restaurant. On the next day GEO and Crew all meet up by BK to find to both their utter disbelief and horror that Davys restaurant: Duke Davys Delightful Diner (More well known to GEO and others as the Triple D Diner)
Duke Davys Delightful Diner

The Triple D Diner before Davy took over.

has managed to take all of BKs business. Duke Davys Delightful Diner, specializes in Russian and Eastern European cusine with comfy chairs and a focus on frugality. GEO then develops a plan to criple the restaurant. GEO, Adrian, Nickie Boi and Bove seeing an all you can eat buffet realize maybe Brian can eat all of the Triple D Diners food. They send Brian in whos always up for free food in. Unfortunately the unattractive 4 Eyes Mattie Boi happened to be working there as a waiter. Mattie Boi spying with all 4 of his eyes, Brian ready to eat through all the Diners food bribes Brian to leave. GEO is dumbfounded but realized that Brian takes bribes all the time. GEO then sees his boi Reuben also going in the Diner. GEO then figures he can use Reuben to get the recipes of the restaurant through Reubens mutual Eastern European heritage with Davy. Davy however convinced Reuben to back off by nearly blacklisting him from the store. GEO then begs to Davy that he gives up and eats at the restaurant GEO admits that the potato dumplings he was served were good and suggests advertising his face on the restaurant so people would know he made the fine establishment. Davy feeling a strong satisfaction in seemingly beating his worst enemy smiles strongly and says of course. Within moments Davy adds a picture of himself on top of the Triple D-Diner. Davy seemingly priceless smile came at the price of Duke Davys Delightful Diner going bankrupt. It was almost as if Davys face repulsed the would be customers. GEO and friends end the day in BK with a now redeemed Davy(He donated all his restaurants stuff to BK) for helping BK the manager gives GEO, Davy and the others half price on the food they buy.