This is the 24th episode in the GEOAdventures

Plot Edit

GEO and his loyal GEO Crew are fighting against the evil as always Davy and his henchmen. Things are going as fun as they always are until the weak and indecisive president Joe Silverstein bans their activities for unnecessary violence.
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Joe Silverstein and his ugly mug.

At that moment GEO and others are overwhelmed by his henchmen. GEO and Davy then hide in the beloved gourmet restaurant known as Burger King. There they realize that they need to work together. Meanwhile Nickie Boi and Adrian take things into their own hands for the moment while they are at GEOs War council. GEO and Davy then agree that the answer to all their problems is physical violence without even a pint of finesse they attack Joe Silverstein. Nevertheless GEO and friends are evenly matched against his guards. However just when it seems like Joe Silversteins getting the upper hand Nickie Boi and Adrian come back with a angry mob of students ready to oust the disgraced president for his broken wifi promises. Joe Silverstein is effectively surrounded. Weak, effeminate and unattractive; Joe Silverstein is at wits end and gives up. GEO giving the crowd some real entertainment gives Joe Silverstein a swirlie ruining his endlessly overprimped hair and soiling his 25,000$ suit in toilet water. After making him scrub all the floors in Tottenville GEO realizes whos really behind this TROUBLING TRAVESTY. GEO then stuffs Joe Silverstein in a package and sends Joe Silverstein to his higher up, one of Staten Islands evilest men: RON CASTORINA!!!! After a dramatic experience at the post office GEO ends the day with his friends in a second trip to BK