This is the 25th episode in the GEOAdventures.

Plot Edit

GEO, Adrian, Nickie Boi and his other Byzantine Street friends are laughing their guts out on their next scheme to troll Davy. GEO and friends are sitting by the curb on Byzantine Street. GEO calls Davy while he knows hes on lifeguard duty. Davy responds to the call to High Volume J-POP: One of Davys many weaknesses. Davy hung up of course. Davy then got a call from Adrian telling him theres a 20 dollar bill under his chair. Davy curious enough to look down falls off his chair. GEO, Adrian and Nickie Boi hearing Davy fall from his phone all start laughing. Davy hearing there voices gets the idea its them. Nickie Boi however came up with a idea Davy cant refuse. Nickie Boi called the firmly paranoid Davy in a special girls voice and said, "Davy, its Katelyn help me!!!!" Initially Davy thought this was also the work of the Byzantine Street Hooligans but the thought of rescueing his crush was too high to risk and left the pool. Davy is running out and sees GEO, Adrian and Nickie Boi laughing their guts out on the Byzantine Street curb with various phones. Davy seeing this is just what he feared attacks them with his Super Davy Form. GEO and Super Davy are evenly matched but Nickie Boi has another plan and calls Super Davy asking if its the Triple D Diner. Super Davy at that point is distracted responding to the call. GEO and Adrian seize the moment and finish off Super Davy. Afterwards Davy is fired from his lifeguard job because Bove almost drowned in the pool while he was gone. GEO and friends end the day throwing Bove a celebration in his honor at BK for getting Davy fired.