This is the 26th Episode of the GEOAdventures.

Davy better run!!

Plot Edit

GEO and friends are watching Kaiketsu Zorro in Byzantine Street. As they are thinking of their next scheme Davy is spotted blatantly spying on them from their window. Seeing Davy causes GEO to rant about Davy giving him his next idea. The next day GEO comes to Davy's house in a disguise, "Hi DAVID, i'm Leon H(e)art local athletic coach in town but you can call me LEO". Initially Davy is in disbelief he is getting a coach but realizes it might be worth it after seeing him in action. GEO puts Davy through intense unrealistic training: 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km daily running. This goes on for some time until one day when they are training in Bloomindale Park Davy tells his coach: GEO in his LEO alter ego, " Nyahaha now with this new training I got from you I can finally destroy GEO." LEO(GEO) replied, " Davy the day you become athletic enough to beat him is the day the sun becomes a Black Hole!!" Davy upon hearing LEO call him Davy realizes there is only one person who calls him Davy. GEO!!!! Davy is up in arms at this realization and attacks GEO donning his Super Davy form. GEO is holding his own but is visibly less a match for Davy thanks to his exercise. GEO then thinks to himself what Davy's exercise won't help Davy in. GEO then tells Davy, "Hey Davy the Graveyard called they want their zombie back" This got Davy so mad he charged at GEO. GEO dodges the charge and grabs Davy's arm. Seizing the moment, he spins around and throws Davy into a tree saying, "See ya Davy, wouldn't want to BEE ya" and winks. By the moment GEO winks and says,"BEE" a Beehive falls on Davy's head causing him to run away from the bees with what little energy he had left from his fight with GEO. This was surprisingly easy given Davy's earlier training. GEO then ends the day with all his friends at BK watching Davy run away from the swarm of bees.