This is the 27th episode in the GEOadventures

Plot Edit

GEO is showing his friend: Main Antagonist of the GEO Adventures, Davy his newest episode GEO gives Davy 2 papers but before GEO can ask Davy for them Davy rushes out. School is going swimmingly for GEO until he realizes he lost his English HW!!!! GEO promises his teacher Long Y he will find it by the end of the day. GEOs first course of action is to contact his portly informant Brian. Brians lackadaisical response is best characterized by his inebriated reaction and deep drooling. Nevertheless Brian gives legitimately good advice to GEO suggesting he visit his other classes. After narrowly searching his classrooms GEO is at wits end once again GEO finds Bove and asks him for help. Bove seeing a chance to get some gossip from GEO insists he knows who has it but wont tell him unless he gives him some good gossip. GEO, not interested in starting trouble declines. Bove is undaunted by this endeavor and says, "YOU CAN'T HIDE WHATS INSIDE!!!!" GEO then asks himself, "who is the one person who would do this to him?"........DAVY!!!! GEO however is running out of time as the school day is ending. GEO tries finding Davy but to no avail. GEO walks out of school dejected and agrees his best and last course of action is to check the bus for DAVY!!!! This is however just what GEO needs as Davy obnoxiously announces his presence. GEO immediately calls Davy out for seemingly stealing his HW. Davys dynamized from the excitement of GEOs accusation and eggs him on until he realized he could be brutally maimed for this. After that Davy immediately apologizes and gives GEO the HW. GEO thanks Davy and runs off to school. Davy is relieved he narrowly escaped a beating but then realized that the bus left without him. GEO narrowly made it into to school to return his paper to the suprised but relieved Long Y, much to the classes excitement. GEO then ended the day in BK enjoying the fruits (or in this case burgers) of his labor.

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