Inside the planet that is so dark it's call Planet Darkness where the dark people live. But not all people lived they were creating a Monster call King Darkorah a five headed monster to againist Spikezilla. for me i was watching a new Spikezilla movie and then i go to my eggdad to talk about the being spikezilla went. i told him it was great. eggdad agreed me and he was very happy to me. but then a monster was created a leader came. it was dark brady. he goes inside the dark ufo ship and takes the monster to destroy eggmanland and mobius. once they arrived they land their ship to make a peace offering to them to help to destroy me once and for all. mobians agreed as friends but they don't their plan about the destruction yet. then they call there selves darkiens. the mobians love that and they were nice they show king darkorah. king darkorah screeches and the people cheer. the freedom fighters seem they liked it to battle and my eggdad. i was going to the ocean then i turned into spikezilla and i dive into the ocean going to mobius til i i made it there. i come out of the water i see the mobians and darkilens. then king darkorah screeches and battle me. but then they use king darkorah to grab me and throw me. they control king darkorah to destroy mobius and eggmanland. tails see the horror he was about to get sonic and then mobians fled for their lives from king darkorah. everyone was taking shelters then freedom fighters battle king darkorah. king darkorah attacked the freedom fighters. no one will stop them not only me as i turned into spikezilla forever. i battled king darkorah. the darkiens was angry at it. i uses dark breath at king darkorah to defeat him. the mobians cheered for me and the darkiens left. my eggdad cheered for me. i roared for the victory and they will be back one day.

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