Episode 3 of the GEO adventure series.


Davy is doing various unscrupulous thing against GEO and his friends. Figuring out Davy is a traitor to GEOs cause, he must stop Davy. Meanwhile Emperor |)4(\) is trying to woo Shannon still uncertain on betraying her old leader Reuben. Davy starts off by trying to pickpocket Reuben. Davy being a innate failure fails to do so and Reuben figures him out. Later in the day Davy tries stealing food from Deadfish only to find scraps which Deadfish promptly asks him about. Then Davy tries tricking GEO into giving him a cough drop GEO placates him by throwing it at him and Davy picks up the cough drop from the dirt and eats it. that day later they meet up to discus a plan against Davy. Eventually they proclaim Davys doing WORM TACTICS and that they should try fighting worm with worm and try worm tactics on him. First GEO scorches Davy with some insults but since worms have no dignity Davy shrugs it off. Then Deadfish puts dirt and bugs in his food Davy ate it unaffected because worms love dirt. Finally Reuben stole Davys bag but only found unpaid bills. Soon GEO realizes that everyone else they know hates Davy, namely his cousin Frank who they use to finally beat Davy through Franks sheer amount of persistence. In that time Shannon it shows Emperor |)4(\) altering his situation with Shannon in a romantic way as Shannon pleasantly resists the episode ends as Shannon is left alone.  Davy baitThis is a brief synopsis of this episode in one picture.

Characters in the episode

GEO, Deadfish, Reuben, Davy(debut), Frank, Shannon, Emperor |)4(\) the man, MO(briefly) and Conan(briefly)