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This is the fourth episode in the GEO adventure series.



In Byzantine Street GEO and his crew of friends discuss with each other all of the things that put them in a bad mood GEO starts off by mentioning how he hates how Fascist is a insult because he is a Fascist. Then Reuben mentions how he hates how he's been coup d'étated from Wolf pond by I)4(\)(the man)the new emperor of Wolf Pond. Deadfish then mentions his turbulent past. Oro then goes on to talk about how many people were after him for reasons he wouldn't want to mention. Doug Savage then shares his story about a rival lawyer who really hated him despite Doug having a crush on her. MO then provides another story for the episode when he mentions how much he got bullied before GEO came along. Afterwards Charlie Vincent comes in and talks about his problems. They were mostly about how crazy he gets on Halloween. Charlie then goes on to say that he genuinely thought he was fighting demons but got sued for a lot of money and nearly went to jail. Finally Charlie's pal Renon joins in and laments on how the economy is going bad and complains that Obamas the cause of a lot of his problems. The group comes to the consensus that Obamas the cause of at least 3/4 of there problems. Eventually all there problems forge the group into a intense anger and then they go around fighting there problems. Then the police came, so they scattered into the crowd and they all escaped successfully returning to Byzantine Street to laugh out there actions.

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