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Reuben's reaction to bowling.

Bowling Alley Blues is the 5th episode of the GEO adventure series.


GEO, Deadfish and Reuben are laughing they're guts out in Byzantine Street. Eventually they tell Reuben the time they tricked him into getting banned from his favorite bowling alley. That day started as a normal day, GEO wakes up, eats breakfast and starts watching his favorite episode of Earthbound live action still in his fashionably black slippers and robe until the phone nearly blew up his ears. It was Deadfish laughing loudly at his new plan to troll Reuben. GEO listens to Deadfishes whisper and laughs. A couple of hours later they call Reuben's house only to be shot down by Reuben's theme song blaring in the background. They tell Reuben, "Hey Reuben want to go bowling." Those Words must of been love at first sight to Reuben. Reuben finally satisfied with himself at the thought of converting the duo to sports lovers pays all the fees for the bowling including five hours of it. Reuben sets them up with the game, GEO goes first but as Deadfish planned they quarrel over whose turn it is and they throw all they're bowling balls at the same time until they're all out. Afterwards they bolt, GEO steals cards from the vending machine while Reuben and to a lesser extent Deadfish get banned from the bowling alley while GEO avoids the ban since he ran out fast enough. They then run back to old Byzantine Street and laugh at what they had just done. Reuben obviously the angriest of the trio responds by giving them a well worded letter which only gives the other 2 more laughs. After remembering that, they promise Reuben that some day they will actually go bowling.


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