Looking good Manfroy.

This is the 6th episode of the GEO Adventure.


MO is walking out of school as GEO runs to him he asks MO his opinion on Copts(Egyptian Christians). MO replies that they probably hate him because of all that's going on in the Middle East. In that moment 2 suspicious looking men attack them but they were no match for GEO and MO and the 2 creepy looking men run away proclaiming that the Copts will prevail. In about 20 or so minutes of walking another of those crazy cult men attacks the duo this time the cult guy was overpowered and they interrogate him. Through that they figure out the hideout of this Copt sect. GEO realizes that if he is going to beat a super spooky cult he's going to need another super spooky cult to beat it with him so he calls the Lopto Sect. Then GEO and MO meet Manfroy of the Lopto Sect. Manfroy then tells the duo, "JOIN THE LOPTO SECT". GEO points out to Manfroy the recent competition. Manfroy fumed so hard he got all his Lopto officials to raid the Copt base and nearly burned it to the ground. The next day after school they're greeted by a holy looking man who tells the duo thanks for beating out those suspicious looking Copts. Apparently those Copts were a obscure and radical sect looking to dominate Christianity and exterminate Islam. The Copt priest awards GEO and MO medals. MO feels content with himself feeling that this may help relations between Copts and Muslims. GEO laughs that they beat the COPTO sect. Meanwhile Deadfish and Reuben stare from afar at this in amazement.

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 75- Loputo

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 75- Loputo

Manfroys theme song

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