Sonic 2 Music Metropolis Zone

Sonic 2 Music Metropolis Zone

Deadfish fell to the rhythm of this music.


Reuben ate here.

This is the 7th episode of the GEO Adventures.


Deadfish wakes up and looks in the mirror at his body fat to his terror. Worried he smash's into GEOs house. Then forcing GEO into helping him exercise. First Deadfish exercises on a treadmill but fails to the point of music being made out of it. Next off was jump rope, this failed since Deadfish couldn't jump even a millimeter causing GEO to nearly fall on the ground. Seeing this is failing Deadfish runs to Reuben who is enjoying a 500$$$ meal in le fancy deluxe restaurant and nearly ruins Reuben meal causing Reuben to nearly slap Deadfish in the face. He gets over this and tells him this "9,999,999" dollar drink would cure his problems. Deadfish drank it only to figure out it was hand sanitizer, black ink and grass mixed together causing Reuben to flee for his life but Deadfish couldn't catch up because of his weight. He then contacts Mr. Monotoli and goes to his office tower where Monotoli advises Deadfish that he shouldn't dwell on his weaknesses but instead play on his strengths. Deadfish taking this to mind then enters a wrestling tournament and with the strength his weight gives him wins. His winnings being more than Reuben's pocket money (5000$$$) causes him to faint. Deadfish then squandered all the money on more food and his other, "pleasures." The day is then spent with Deadfish and his friends in BK.

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