Fourside Melee

Coincidently there's another Monotoli building.

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Melee Soundtrack Fourside

May as well be Monotolis theme.

This is the 8th episode in the GEO Adventure.


GEO, Deadfish, Reuben and MO are sitting in Mr. Monotolis office tower in Byzantine Street. Than resident priest and bum Bishop Oro comes along and tells them of a treasure that would net them huge money. Oro then shows them to the old building of a Mr Schuyler, one of Mr. Monotolis worst enemies since Schuyler along with Richard Flavor sue Monotoli frequently for various reasons which include crimes such as bribery and running numerous illegitimate businesses in his office tower. Thankfully Monotoli is defended by the astounding and cheap lawyer Doug Savage(Point is the duo want Monotoli in jail) . Oro then told them to loot the place with extreme prejudice. They did just that until they had to fight the wicked Psychopath G. Stanley Hall. They figured out the solution was putting him in a straight jacket. They stayed there for a little until Coach John Mcguirk came in with 40 gallons of beer, wine, sake and vodka persuading the GEO Adventurers to stay. Eventually Schuyler came in and has his mind blown up over what happened. Before anything crazy happens Bishop Giuseppe Oro comes in and smacks Schuyler in the head so hard Schuyler loses consciousness. The GEO Adventurers leave and Monotoli makes Oro so rich Oro is not Bishop Bum anymore; he is Bishop Bling-Giuseppe Gold. Seeing this happen they end the day by having a party in Burger king.

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