This is the 9th episode in the GEO Adventures.


GEO just got through his most important class. He goes to his TV class and meets his informant Brian. Then Mike (B) starts hounding GEO for some more screen time on his wiki. GEO sweet talks and reassures Mike that he will have his time to shine. GEO then gives his boy Matt (S) Eventually his awesome teacher is done with the lesson so GEO and his boys get to the computer. Then Adrian comes and asks GEO if he is "cheking out da wikee." GEO replies happily and they check it out. Mike (B) complains that they need to secure a good grade but GEO tells him to relax and convinces Mike that he always has a plan for it. Adrian asks GEO if he can have a page. GEO with the most obnoxious smile says "sure." Eventually the group figures out GEO owns a large amount of land on miiverse so they swarm him with favors, GEO knowing about all the new employees he can get with this says with a very enthusiastic OF COURSE. The teacher then gets everyone to sit back to there seats to tell him what they learned. Mike (B) is about to rek GEO for ignoring this but GEO comes up with a perfect answer and gets his group a good grade all the while surprising Mike (B) who asks GEO how he did this. GEO told him he simply got the answer before they did all this wiki stuff. GEO then gets word from Brian that a super important amiibo is coming out causing GEO to blaze out of the class when the bell rang.