This is the XX Episode in the GEO Adventures

Plot Edit

This is Sophmore year-Baretts class. GEOs is in the middle of a round of applause dedicated to him after he explained to the class what the final nail in the Central Powers coffin was. Afterwards GEOs friend: Sal reveals to Mr. Barett in light banter about GEOs immense Strength. (most notoriously in Mercy) To Vincent the thought of anyone being stronger then him was blasphemous and declares he will dethrone GEO in Mercy. GEO hearing something of a inkling of this declaration makes a mental note to watch out for Vincent. Later in that day in English Drama GEO casually walks in more worried about his monologue then any of Vincents plans. GEO takes his seat only to stand right back up when he hears a request from Dan (G)to play him in a game of mercy. GEO not ready to say no, accepts this offer only for Vincent and his Victory Crew(Of which Dan (G) is apart of) to come out of nowhere and take Dan (G)s place. GEO not ready to play Vincent in a game of mercy deflects the offer. Vincent was undaunted; Only placated by GEOs conveniently founded excuse that Ms Tempesta came in. GEO survives the English Class slightly assuaged by the dissatisfaction the Victory Crew had for Vincent's latest quest. However this didn't stop GEO from making a quick get-away from the class. On the next day Vincent made his next advance, bolstered by the room change rendering it a free period for him. GEO effectively ignored his calls but as the period ended it boiled down into a chase for GEO whos escape was aided by "Stairway Acrobatics." At this point Vincents patience was nonexistant. On the next day GEO makes it early along with Vincent and one witness. Vincent goes towards GEO. GEO offers Vincent a nice greeting to Vincents challenge. GEO nonetheless declines once again enjoying a big grin on his face as he points out they have tied in their last match of Mercy. Vincent requites the grin with his own and declares he has until monday to play him in mercy *He is most likely cutting Friday to avoid monologues* GEO doesn't answer only keeping his big Grin. GEO at home then realizes if he records his argument on a website he might have the higher ground. Monday comes and Vincent comes in hoping for a intense showdown. GEO deflects this by making stats for Vincent. Vincent reading the capped strength stat seemed placated and let GEO off the hook. After School GEO ended the day in BK alone reminisceing on how this experience has touched something nonexistent in his life at that point: Excitement. GEO then makes one final note to himself, hoping that he can have more exciting moments in his next year of school.

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