Code Lyoko Theme Song03:26

Code Lyoko Theme Song

The GEO Crew theme in general

The GEO Crew also known as Big Time Rush 2 but NOT MGM are a group of friends in T Highs TV Introduction class. They're good friends that work together for they're mutual benefit


The GEO Crew do a wide variety of things, for instance they do projects for Boss man Mr. A. They may also be GEOs posse when he needs it. They also have members specialized in various things like Brians informant skills.


The GEO Crew has generally 6 members: The Leader GEO, The Informant Brian, Matt (C) the sports analyzer, Mike (B) who does the business stuff and also has a auxiliary role, Adrian the interrogator of the GEO crew and Nick (TV) who is the security. The GEO Crew often have many others affiliated with them too.

Pictures Edit

GEOKarel FnT MIKE (B)!!GLASS BrianTirado

Matt (C)NarshenFE6 AdrianErik NickPascal
Tentacolino Terror of the Sea01:53

Tentacolino Terror of the Sea

Associated with GEO of the GEO Crew

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