Gimmick Mountain is a location in the GEOAdventures.

Origin Edit

GEO, Deadfish were fooling around at a checkpoint by the highway when Deadfish got caught spying on women with his high powered binoculars Deadfishes natural instinct and unusually fast running speed for a very portly person allowed for a very hasty gettaway for Deadfish. As Deadfishes is running GEO spots him causing GEO to follow him. With their speed they successfully get away but end up being lost in a forested areas showing signs of industrial infrastructure. Little did they know that this area to an extent was previously under ownership of Reuben but plundered after the Colpo di Stato.

After GEO and Deadfish get through a good portion of the obstacles they are found by Reuben who warns them about the various traps littered in this, "Gimmick of a mountain." Reuben successfully negates the traps with his supreme marksmanship skills. Walking in the middle of a nondescript field of Gimmick Mountain the group is trapped into a mechanical field. Meeting them is Icepicks arch nemesis Michael who was given another chance at success by ])4vi who put in charge of governing Gimmick Mountain. Caged in by Michaels scheme, GEO, Deadfish and Reuben had to deal with whatever Michael had coming for them.

When all was lost Icepick came and darted from the field with his skateboard and easily defeated Michael. Afterwards Reuben was able to gradually restablish his control of the area.

Traits Edit

Gimmick Mountain initially bares the appearance of a nondescript, hilly/mountainous area but this changes the deeper you go in. What gradually becomes apparent is that this ostensibly wild area is actually man made to an extent. In the heart of Gimmick Mountain lies a Outdoor sports stadium with a cage that comes up on will.

Reuben is intent on reasserting his power in the area now that he drived out his usurpers from the area.