The Gungir is perhaps one of the most powerful Lances in the GEOAdventures and a Holy Weapon it is also known as the Thunder Spear.

Its Importance Edit

The Gungnir is the Holy Lance of Dain granting its user marvelous powers in Strength, Defense and Speed though its weight dampens the Speed bonus. Its also extremely powerful and it easily lends itself to a critical hit. Its countewrpart is the Gae Bolg

Experiences relating to the GEOAdventures Edit

GEO around the International Night arc of the GEO Adventures somehow uses Gungnir at the time known in disguise as the Thunder Spear. GEO uses this legendary weapon as a hockey stick thinking it would be fitting for someone with Major Tordo Holy Blood like himself to use a Thunder based weapon and reaps its various bonuses to dominate the competition. GEO and the Gungnir would become closely tied for the rest of the arc.

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