Icepick is a critical member of Deadfishes condottieri. Icepicks of French descent and tends to be very manly.

Manly man Icepick

Icepicks dream is to be the manliest man on the planet. He is well known for spewing his catchphrase POSEUR. He is primarily a skateboarder and is the inventor of the, "Super ICEPICK Smash." Icepick loves flexing his muscles around anything and everything. In addition to that Icepick loves to boast obnoxiously about stuff that's supposed to make him look manly, "Yeah, my muscles grew an extra 2 millimeters want to check ladies." Usually he gets beaten to a pulp after most of these quotes especially if he's speaking to a woman though.

Asspick is a manly name apparently

Icepick as manly as he is owns a gang, usually he uses it to his own nefarious purposes but one day he met a beautiful girl named CJ so Icepick being the man that he is orders his gang to help him gang rape her. Unfortunately her boyfriend rekt Icepick to a pulp. Icepick still remembers well CJs last words to him, "See ya later ASSpick."

French is not a manly language to Icepick

Icepick as im sure you figured out isn't his real name simply just a gang name he liked and went by his real name according to Icepick it sounded, "Too Frenchy" so he ditched it even then Icepick still knows some French something he tries using to get the ladies if he's desperate(he always is) but either way he just gets beat up instead.

The origins of MANLINESS

One day Icepick seemingly exiled from his territory found himself skateboarding in Bloomindalia he always crashes into Deadfish laughing, "Outta the way poseur." So Deadfish sent GEO who then rekt Icepick and since then Icepick joined GEO through joining Deadfishes condottieri. He felt he needed someone powerful if he is to take back his lost dignity(Its doubtful that he even had dignity in the first place)

Manly times with GEO and company(warning there's story *GASP*)

Icepick had many found memories joining GEOs group first off they decided to act fast to Icepicks dilemma. Icepick directed them to a giant Half pipe and described it as his worst enemies lair but before they can strike they had to beat up hoards of Skateboarders led by a hardcore skateboarder named Lester. It was short since Icepick smashed Lester's skateboard on his head and he fainted. they meet up in the Half pipe and find some dunce Rodney eating fast food they bribe him with Burger King for a year to find Icepicks worst enemy. The end up in a 5 story warehouse with 1000s of rooms they eventually fight hoards of skateboarders(again) and meet the villain Mike better known by his epithet the HERO because everyone hates Icepick (go figure.) icepick rushes to the final room first and as GEO makes it to the final room Icepicks rekt with painballs. GEO won the battle by simply beating the HERO in a game of mercy. From there the HEROs out of the picture and Icepick raped CJ to near death and got his territory and gang back but still under GEOs command out of gratitude. Icepick would also support GEOs faction in the Deadfish rebellion even though he is on Deadfishes side of command...............Icepick is a known denizen of Byzantine Streets Fappy Fridays which he deems manly and joined the REALLLLL Smash tournament getting rekt in the second round by Boil. And frequently joins in their convenience store sleepovers.

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