John last name presumably Mcguirk was Deadfishs old soccer coach. Mcguirk is also very obese and has a natural resemblance to Deadfish to boot. This all comes to play in a later adventure with the 2.

Stuff about him

Coach Mcguirk loves alcohol especially beer. Mcguirk is in the pub for at least 4 hours a day as a result Mcguirk is a common drunk driver something Deadfish and his friends don't mind on the basis that they see his driving as a free roller-coaster. Speaking of driving Mcguirk is a common driver of the unsuspecting van. Mcguirk can be either very jolly or very angry. Besides drinking Coach Mcguirk loves to hit on women to varying degrees of success. Mcguirk may also secretly be a big cosplayer like all of Deadfishes friends.


Mcguirk one day to help Deadfish in a dilemma cosplayed as Deadfishes dad for parent teacher conference in totten34. Mcguirks confrontation with the BOILER ended badly as Mcguirk came drunk and didn't take Boils scathing comments towards Deadfish well so Mcguirk beat up Boil when he least expected it and as a result Boil banned Deadfishes real parents from ever coming to parent teacher conference ever again. Another adventure occurred when Deadfish "mysteriously" met Mcguirk in a cosplay convention from there they fight off some of Reuben's goons who crashed the party but Mcguirk had to lie for Deadfish as to why Deadfish cut gym which was when the convention took place.

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