MO is a member of House Freege. GEO used to be his bodyguard in gym.


The two originally met in high school. They started as good friends in Freshman year having various common interests. MO at this point occasionally ranged from being mild protagonist to major antagonist. Either way they were generally friends. They also agreed on politics.


After a year of meeting eachother MO eventually comes to need GEOs help: He is being attacked by various people who are amused by his lackadaisical attitude. GEO volunteers if MO comes to accept Fascism and join House Freege as his tactician. MO accepts on the condition that this does not become, "The British Fascism where you lock your country out to immigrants." As a practicioner of Italian Fascism GEO eagerly accepts. GEO proceeds to make quick work of MOs menacers for the entirety of the year.


When the two initially met MO was portrayed as a apthaetic and lackadaiscal man who is weary with the absurdities of the world around him. As they meet later MO lightens up and embraces the concept of RealPolitik making his wit his greatest strength. MO eventually comes to regard GEO as a good friend and they work together on many occasions.


On Miiverse MO adopted the Pseudonym Waluigi. MO would soon be a part of the Old Guard that gave Freege all of its Miiverse Victories. Eventually after a particularly costly battle MO is given a alt from the Contingency Wii U that better resembles how he looks in real life.