Minwu DoS

A drawing of Mo in a disguise

Mo is GEOs awesome and knowledgeable tactician. GEO used to be his bodyguard in gym.


Mo being GEOs tactician gets special protection from GEO, only problem is Mo is TERRIBLE!!! At defending himself. This makes Mo the butt of many of GEOs jokes and vice versa. The year later MO has gotten significantly better at defending himself so GEO cant make anymore jokes

MOs infinite wisdom

GEO loves quoting things he remembered Mo saying. For instance he loves quoting that Mo believes cults know everything or that he believes the best way to beat someone up is to give them your weapon. Generally these unpopular opinions were actually how Mo and GEO ended up being on the same side as GEO has his own slew of unpopular opinions and they agreed to defend each other when something comes to fight them and they're opinions. Eventually MOs infinite wisdom

Apprentice tactician

Despite being knowledgeable in social studies and history and even saying that he's been very interested in history and social studies in more recent times, GEO sometimes has to educate Mo on social studies topics like Diaspora and other things like the Ottoman Empire. With that in mind Mo is gradually learning things himself by being GEOs tactician. GEO also desires to have some more light shed on MOs thoughts. Mo does rek GEO in Math BADLY!!!!

Mo will mow you down

Mo has been on quite a few adventures with GEO mostly fighting from the sidelines the most prominent adventure starts with GEO finding MO attacked, GEO friends with Mo and ready for a good laugh comes to his aid and soon they make an alliance to help each other and there beliefs. GEO has to beat out Mike and JO until but before he can beat him Sal gets in the way and GEO has to chase Sal to save MO but as Sal sees GEO he runs and from there Mo plans a trap for the group where GEO is the weapon. MO also frequently gets GEO to annoy his friend Assad

Italian Class

The year after this GEO has MO in his Italian class. MO is significantly cooler then before so the 2 have thousands of laughs.

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