Manfroy is the leader of a powerful cult called the Lopto sect that Deadfish joined for a love potion.


Manfroy is charge of a sect called the Lopto sect dedicated to the Norse god Loki. They also use hyper spooky dark Lopto magic. Not only that almost all the members of his Sect look either really creepy, ugly or even just spooky.


Manfroy looks extremely old and has a crooked back. His breath smells like a graveyard. Manfroy also is a notorious creeper. His voice is no better only adding on to his ugliness. Manfroy very well resembles a typical cult leader. Manfroy also carries a sinister looking cane. And his laugh is notorious all over Byzantine Street.

Deadfish Edit

Manfroy hates Deadfish with a passion poisoning him multiple times with his "Lopto" magic. Deadfish did bribe him 400 dollars to make his sons name Julius using Reuben's money. But even then rumors have been circulated that Deadfish raped his granddaughter causing Manfroy to beat Deadfish to a pulp via his henchmen. That was the days laugh for Reuben who said it was worth the 400 dollars long ago. Deadfish also accidently insults him the best by calling him "Manboy" causing Manfroy to go berserk without even a staff.

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