Mattie boy

Matt (C) was a old member of the GEO Crew who eventually became a traitor and Davys apprentice. Matt (C) is also a sports buff and tech genius.

Once upon a timeEdit

Matt (C) at one point was very reliable being much calmer then Bove and being the person who did all of GEOs workload as GEO was the Crews Talent(Actor.) Mattie Boi was skilled in video editing in particular but as time went on Mattie Boi got jealous about GEOs athletic prowess and the spotlight he got as being the talent that Mattie Boi didn't get even though he did all the work.


Matt (C), better known as Mattie Boi was at one point a valued member of the GEO Crew but in the events of Mattie Boi Mayhem Mattie Boi condemns GEOs Fascist beliefs in GEOs weakest moment. As a result Mattie Boi was branded a traitor to the GEO Crew and The Italian Race. GEO towards the end of the episode beats Mattie Boi and his new secret weapon: Douscheblast.

Problems Edit

Being a traitor to the GEO Crew and the Italian Race is most certainly not without its punishment. After Mattie Bois betrayal Mattie Boi got badly roasted by GEO on a daily basis eventually developing confidence problems towards the way he looks and his complexion. Mattie Boi not long after his betrayal was known as: The Long Jealous "4 eyes" Mattie Boi. A name that only contributed to Mattie Bois problems. Bossman A+ had so much sympathy for Mattie Bois issues that he let him direct the GEO Crews next movie but it was graded as a flop, vindicating GEO.

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