This is Mike

Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken Soundtrack When The Rush Comes (1080p)00:58

Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken Soundtrack When The Rush Comes (1080p)

Mike is GEOs trusted cameraman.


Mike is GEOs cameraman so as you imagine he also plays a role in the process of propaganda. He is always in GEOs base with his boys in the forests of Bloomingdale park planning what to right. Mike often tends to be the more rational figure in GEOs meetings as opposed to GEO, who tends to think of plans and solutions midway of the adventure.

"Get my good side"Edit

Mike also films some of the GEO Adventures and works GEOs security cameras. Mike also has professionally powerful eyes that see everything. Mike is also notoriously concerned about his grade. This tends to be something he pesters GEO with. GEO solves the situation somehow usually. Mike often tends to be a foil to GEO but gradually the 2 start to better understand each other.

Right hand Edit

Now being GEOs right hand Mike (B) gets mild protection from GEOs burns and roasts. Something Brian could only dream of. Besides that Mike (B) is frequently employed by GEO to boost GEOs image outside of TV introduction. Mike is also familiar with some other GEO Adventure characters like DAVY!!!!!!!!!

Its Foiling time Edit

Mike (B) not only being GEOs foil but also his biggest critic tends to be the basis of all of GEOs burns. As a result the 2 make good comic relief together. It also ensures Mikes (B)s role as GEOs critic stays in place. Besides that Mike (B) often joins up with Matt (C) to bring up the dubiousness of many of GEOs policy's and actions which more often then not promptly results in a burn from GEO.

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