This is the legendary weapon that GEO eventually uses in the GEO adventures.


The real life counterpart to Mjolnir in the GEOAdventures.

What it actually isEdit

Mjölnir in Fire Emblem 4 is the best thunder magic the game has to offer and a holy weapon. In the real life GEO adventures Mjölnir's conversion/counterpart is the GEO Meteor: 7 metal balls connected by magnetism into a 3D star, which due to the materials its made from is one of a kind and open to epectricity. Its the strongest and most advanced form of Thunder Magic in the GEO adventure and its owned only by GEO who actually has Major Tordo Holy Blood.

That FamousEdit

This is it. FE4thorhammer Mjolnirs sprite is this wikis favicon.........Yeah, that cool. This is the Animation: Favicon