Monotoli is a important character of the later GEO Adventures. Monotoli is often seen as a Machiavellian politician and big land owner that's only in power because of the GEO Adventurers

Big man MonotoliEdit

Monotoli is a BIG MAN owning a extremely large amount of land. He's known for his humble hat and modest clothes though which only hint Monotolis a champion for the common man. Monotoli also has a good looking mustache and a sexy statue that frequently changes hands.


Monotolis friends are what often holds Monotoli up. The GEO Adventurers frequently do requests for Monotoli that Monotolis often grateful of. For instance the GEO Adventurers often do things behind the scenes to dispatch Monotolis political rivals. Monotoli is often a frequent party goer at Byzantine Street and is in fact a welcome guest.

Enemies Edit

Monotoli just as he has reliable friends has MANY mean-spirited enemies. Perhaps the most notorious one is Richard Flavor. Richard Flavor is originally Monotolis boss until Monotolis rapid rise to power bought Richard out. Richard Flavor is now a poor liberal but nonetheless retains his political influence which is said to be stronger than Monotolis. Despite this any attempt at political power by Richard is thwarted by the GEO Adventurers. Besides that another enemy Monotoli has to a lesser extent is judge Schuyler

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