Mr. Barett was GEOs mentor and a very important part of GEOs sophomore year
Mr. Barett

Mr. Barett in all his glory.


Global History Luminary Edit

Mr. Barrett's genius in the field of Global History is unrivaled and this is something he puts to good use by teaching it. Throughout GEOs sophomore year Mr. Barrett's rigorous drive for education has enlightened GEO on all the topics he set out to learn in Global history and the 2 share a very warm relationship that only grows throughout the year.

Classic Characteristics Edit

Mr. Barett is a solid advocate of the use of sweat rags. For most this is a unorthodox school supply but for GEO this would be a solid addition to his repertoire of niche and quirky gadgets. Mr. Barett is well known for his condescending Hmm-hmm reaction after he has schooled someone on a particular subject. Mr. Barett is also a proud father often doting on his son.

Politics Edit

Mr. Barrett's political alignment is implied to be the antithesis of GEOs. Nonetheless the 2 have managed to overcome the political barrier and have a great relationship. Besides that Barett has also kept his ancestry well under wraps preferring the label, "Brooklynese" but has extensive ties to Bulgaria; to the extent of even being fluent in Bulgarian.

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