P3 Ikutsuki protrait Render

This picture was specially picked by Ikutski to represent how he looked

Mr Ikutski is Deadfishs social studies teacher(no where near as great at it as Barrett though). He prides himself in his somber mood


Mr Ikutski is notorious for making useless clubs and being apathetic towards students who don't visit any of these said clubs. A common example of the type of lessons Ikutski gives was the one where he educated the class on how alcoholic vodka is which was widely considered a excuse for him to drink it. He also loves boasting about his long flowing GRAY hair. Mr. Ikutski is known for sleeping through his own lessons, he usually wakes up in spitballs mostly from his, "top" student Deadfish.


Ikutski loves tripping people on the street and stealing garbage. He also is consistently criticized for his bad puns such as, "What's the sexiest place in Asia?......Bangkok Thailand"

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