Pasquales Pizza palace also known as Pasquales Spaghetti palace if you like pasta more is owned by a Mr. Monotoli known for his dubious business plans and occasional political interference. Deadfish and Monotolis are associates of each other. Deadfish also currently has Monotolis blessings to marry Monotolis daughter: Alana, who has become a well known local food critic.


In Pasquales pizza palace there are jukeboxs that eat quaters. Mr. Pasquales catchphrase is, "Little banana nose" and "Little cabbage puss". Pasquales notorious for putting stuff on the menu he doesn't have. Pasquale lights up only half of the building to save up on electric which is pretty cool. Pasquales spaghetti palace is often the breeding ground for con artists like him too. Pasquales spaghetti palace is very(trust me very) spacious meaning some people actually sleep there......For a small fee to Pasquale of course.

What they serveEdit

Pasquales Spaghetti Palace specializes in, of course Spaghetti but also is known for other Italian dishes such as Pizza .