Pasquales Pizza Palazzo owned by a Mr. Monotoli known for his dubious business plans and occasional political interference. Pasquales Pizza Palazzo is located as a resturant in Pasquales Hotel. Deadfish and Monotolis are associates of each other. Deadfish also currently has Monotolis blessings to marry Monotolis daughter: Alana, who has become a well known local food critic.


Compared to the hotel Pasquales Pizza Palazzo has a red and yellow motif with occasional artifacts of Pasquale's childhood used as decor. Pasquale frequently speaks into the mic to provide some enthusiasm to the place. Pasquale frequently benefits from using the Byzantine Streeters as an active source of customers.

What they serveEdit

Pasquales Spaghetti Palace specializes in, of course Spaghetti but also is known for other Italian dishes such as Pizza. The main special that the resturant features on its brand is the Pasta-Pizza-Pizzazz. A pasta-pizza combo sold at a convenient price. Your also usually offered 2 sides for either the pizza or pasta server and the special is known for the quantity of whats given. Pasquales Pizza Palazzo also deals in regional specialty's of Campania and Sicily though the staff are usually open to suggestions.