Jamka (FE Treasure)

Reuben or how he imagines himself

Reuben at one point was GEOs worst enemy, now he's one of GEOs best friends. He's notoriously rich and has all sorts of lavish privileges. He used to lead Wolf Pond until a intense coup d'état occured

Freedom arc

Reuben as bumbling as he is orders a war to take back his lost colony, he fails. Reuben also has a tendency to underestimate his enemies frequently and on losing the war gives GEO a chilling prophesy on his downfall, what he didn't known was this would happen to him too. Reuben himself learns after this arc that he should be more involved in what his subordinates are doing.

Wolf Pond wars arc

From there Reuben is aided by girlfriend and secretary Shannon and his right hand man and tactician Conan. Reuben as of this arc gets much more overzealous in what he does and frequently takes advantage of his money to solve his problems. For instance Reuben bribed Boil to help GEO fall into his trap. Despite this it failed partially in part of Boil supporting GEO in said trap. Reuben also worked to protect one of his old friends Tim who was caught in the crossfire he failed in this and it all blew up in his face. Then things were all OGRE now for Reuben as GEO advanced into Wolf Pond in a different way then the planned invasion enabling GEO to get to Reuben and use Reuben as a hostage to end the war.

Toot Toot Sonic GEO arc

Reuben in this arc makes a fatal mistake in letting |)4(\)(the man) move up the ladder but at the time it seemed like the best thing for him as his prowess nearly took over Bloomindalia if it wasn't for guerilla warfare GEO used. Eventually Reuben hears of the major victory that beats out Deadfish from Bloomindalia and cripples GEO but in that time a major coup d'état is brewing under his nose from in fact the very person who did him that favor: |)4(\)(the man) this happened since all this time Reuben censored his defeats,  |)4(\) knowing this reveals it to the public and being that |)4(\) got so popular from his victory gains all of wolf Pond on his side and he coup d'états Reuben who makes an escape to the surprisingly loving embrace of GEO and Bloomindalia.

Endless Crusade

Reuben in his escape to Bloomindalia brings Wolf Ponds battle plans allowing GEO a stunning victory to take all of Bloomindalia back. From then Reuben becomes a close friend of GEOs and throughout the arc GEO works to transition Reuben to Bloomindalia. Reuben also plays a pivotal role in the Wii U adventures as Morshu. Reuben helps GEO recover from that tragic loss he had against |)4(\) to boot.

Byzantine Street arc

Reuben plays a vital role as he did in the last arc being the patron to all the adventures that take place. Reuben also commonly attends all of Deadfishes Byzantine Street parties. Reuben also becomes GEOs archer after GEO teaches him how to use a clipboard and pencil as a bow and arrow. Reuben plays a role in GEOs quest to regain his confidence by teaching him certain subjects to help him look smart. One episode of Reuben doing his job as a patron is when he gave GEO a JP Ness amiibo to train. Reuben, as the arc goes along finds his friendship with GEO increasing to astronomical levels.


Reuben is extremely short and extremely rich the result is he has a short fuse(no pun intended) Reuben has a tendency to complain about little things, something made exacerbated by his whiny voice. Reuben apparently isn't a good leader based on how he got coup d'étated. Besides this Reuben seems to be able to relate to GEO well despite the 2 being fairly different. Reuben also has a passion for sports, something he cant do well from his small stature. As a result he wants to be more like the athletic GEO. Reuben also enjoys custom stuff.
Fire Emblem 7 OST 61- Stratagem-000:59

Fire Emblem 7 OST 61- Stratagem-0

Reuben considers this video his theme song commonly calling GEO while this is on.

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