Rustys Corral is a place in the GEO Adventures.


Rustys Corral is a prime hiding place for Deadfish being in a really rural wide open space. Rustys Corral is known for taking care of some of the widest range of animals......almost like a zoo. Its a notoriously wide amount of space for the animals to roam though more often then not you have the GEO Adventurers trampling through it

The ownerEdit

Rusty is a farmer of medium build with some experience on the sea. Rusty was originally from rural Alabama and is proud of it. Rusty has one of those pipes and a beard. Besides that Rusty has a hat from his first voyage. There have also been some juicy rumors that Rusty has affiliations to the KKK.

Pokemon Edit

Rusty is a avid Pokémon fan who is said

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