T Schuyler is a major antagonist of one of the GEO Adventures. He is one of the only characters in the GEO Adventures to have a flat out bad ending.


Schuyler is a evil and ugly judge who threatens Deadfish along with political ally Brannon. Deadfish finally realizing his powerful heritage to Hector of Greek mythology and gaining a powerful holy weapon known as the Helswath sets out to defeat the judge and protect the lovely Ms. mcCorkle a women caught into Schuylers evil plot. Schuyler apparently found Deadfish guilty for racism for running the Mediterranean master race culture club along with his ally the benevolent Brannon guilty for running a Aryan culture club known as Redeeming Aryans win (RAW.) Eventually Schuyler is about to send Brannon to death until Deadfish gets Reuben to bribe the court to give Brannon a very light sentence. Schuyler very angry nearly attacks Deadfish and Reuben, but the duo defends themselves and sends Schuyler running. Afterwards Deadfish and Brannon get word of Schuyler whos plotting to rape the lovely Ms. McCorkle unless they come fight him at the now closed store GUN HO. Deadfish inches there but before he goes closer he finds out its a trap lurking with police. Deadfish waits it out in nearby Burger king until he finds Schuyler going in. Deadfish lucks out as Schuyler goes into the bathroom. Deadfish goes and beats Schuyler into a bloody mess. Schuyler is then taken away by skinheads.

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