Shannon was Reubens former girlfriend and a antagonist in the GEOAdventures of mild importance.

Deadfish Adventures Edit

Shannon makes frequent appearances in the proto GEOAdventures as one of Reubens confidants and his girlfriend. Shannon frequently is the brains behind Reubens schemes and is effectively one of the only people keeping Reubens operations alive from a command perspective since Reuben usually only watches his operations occur and just joins the fray if he thinks its going awry. Shannon resents many of Reubens traits but persists in her operations against Deadfish and later GEO because she hates the two of them somewhat more.

In The GEOAdventurers Edit

Shannon initially plays the same role she did in the Deadfish Adventures but this is cut short due to the Coup detat inflicted upon Reuben. Afterwards Shannon is not seen for quite some time. Its then that Shannons absence from Reubens life weighs heavily upon him. Shannon is eventually seen much later in a battle taking place directly in Wolf Pond Its there that Shannon makes apparent her utter distaste for Reubens character. Despite the damage done to Reubens morale, he challenges Shannon directly promising to show her how he has changed. Shannon throughout the duel concedes to herself that Reuben has indeed changed and for a moment admires Reubens development. However, she resolves that she is in love with only one person ])4vi and continues the duel with Reuben. Reuben emerges victorious and Shannon escapes never to be seen again.

Chinese Communist Edit

At some point in Shannons childhood she had realized Mainland Chinas current status as a Communist government and perhaps looking into it decided to identify herself with Communism. It is unknown if her twin brother Conan played a role in this political mentality or if the reverse can be said. Some traits Shannon seems to have that reflect Communist values is her disgust for the rich and distaste for excess. This is seen in her true feelings about Reuben. She had also said to GEO at one point that Mao is her hero.

Skills Edit

Shannon has been shown to apparently be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Shannon is also a very skilled shot. Shannons tact is something duly noted by anyone who sees her and she is considered in fact, very beautiful. Shannon is also really smart according to Reuben who would also pay her as a math tutor in addition to all the other duties that come with being the love interest of a midget millionaire.